• Dr.Claire Stevens - Postural Integration Facilitator

Dr Claire Meekel-Stevens
Postural Integration Facilitator

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Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I remember, even as a toddler, being enchanted by visual patterns and ‘drawing, colouring and dancing’ them!

Starting out in the world of dance and choreography and teaching professionally, I went on to qualify as a Chiropractic doctor in Johannesburg in 2009. My working life was focused during two years as a chiropractor and personal trainer for the Saudi royal family. 

In 2011, I opened two chiropractic practices in Johannesburg. It is during this time with patients that I honed my approach in diagnosis and healing which includes Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology.

My process with PI began in 2012 – initially as an adjunct to my practice, but in reality leading me into a journey of my own healing! This deepened my existing fascination with rhythm and how that translates through fascia. Exploring myofascia took me to the US, where I qualified in prenatal Chiropractic with the ICPA, to treat babies and pregnant women. This is still my passion - assisting women at all stages of life and especially during childbirth. I now live in Canada with my husband - my best cheerleader – and our 4-year old daughter – my greatest teacher!

I dream of a benevolent universe where we have enough, are enough and heal through the power of love!