• Jacqueline Wijtenburg-Anaxagoras - Postural Integration Facilitator

Jacqueline Wijtenburg-Anaxagoras
Postural Integration Facilitator

Email Jacqueline: jacquelinewijtenburg@gmail.com

Contact Number: (074)870 9608

Appointment and Info:
Komani (former Queenstown), Eastern Cape, South Africa

After an intense three-year study of period with South Africa's first Postural Integration (PI) students that began in 1999, I was certified as a PI Practitioner by the International Centre for Release and Integration in California, USA, governed by the International Council of Psycho-corporal Trainers (ICPIT), under the auspices of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy (EABP). 

Alongside my PI Practice, I was also honoured by Beverly Wilkinson’s invitation to assist her. For a number of years, together with Jonathan Atkinson, I was her Helper Trainer. During this time, I also attended an Advanced PI Training. 

After a few years, I recognised my study and practice of body-mind-emotion-spiritual integration as part of a self-realization process and I have become an ongoing student of the French Personalite et Relations Humaines (PRH) Foundation as well as a committed student of the Diamond Approach, taught through the Rhidwan School. 

My love for integration has also led me into the third sector, the Not for Profit Sector, where I link creative and innovative thinking to problem solve, in alignment with the personal vision of inspired leaders. I use the skills I acquired through other studies in Journalism, Strategic Communication and Stakeholder Relations Management.

I find myself so happy to be of service to humanity and every person’s and organisation’s desire for growth and expansion.