• Rashnee Atkinson - Postural Integration Facilitator

Rashnee Atkinson

Postural Integration Facilitator
Johannesburg, Gauteng

Email Rashnee: rashneeatk@icloud.com

Contact Number: (082)595-9251

Appointment and Info:
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

By trade, I am a Town and Regional planner with a keen focus in socio-economic development of communities, an arena I have worked in for the past 24 years. Neighbourhoods settle residents - and our body settles our psyche! Postural Integration work initiated me into exploration and transformation of self-discovery and its benefit continues to gift resilience in my work.

I qualified as a Postural Integrator in 2004, to which I added another year of training. My training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST), Touch for Health, Kahuna Hawaiian Body Work, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and Family Constellations expanded my love for wholistic body-mind work.

I consult with my PI clients on weekends at my rooms in Johannesburg. To really honour the depth and integrity of the therapy I currently do not take on more than 6 clients a year; we meet beforehand to frame expectations and understanding and see if we have a ‘fit’ with each other in the unfolding of this beautiful work.