Name: Beverley Wilkinson
PI Training: Postural Integration Psychotherapist Trainer (Dip.)
Location: Greymont (west of Johannesburg)
Also offers: Sound and use of Voice; Trauma Debriefing; Corporate workshops/talks on Emotional Intelligence, Changing Change, Life Purpose; Primary school maths coaching for children.
Contact: +27 (11) 672 0737 or +27 (0)72 204 6075
Address: 31 – 4th Street Greymont

Born and raised in South Africa, Beverley later lived in Belgium for 13 years where she qualified in Postural Integration in 1991. She then returned and introduced the technique to SA, appearing on various national TV and radio talk shows. She later qualified as an International PI Trainer and now runs training courses and a successful full time practice.Actively involved in health matters and group work since 1971, she gained her basic knowledge of health in nursing before branching out into the ‘National Youth Leadership Training Programme’ and youth work. She then moved into the sociopolitical arena working with Steve Biko, the ‘Programme for Social Change’ and ‘The Christian Institute of SA’. She then moved to Europe where she did counseling, lecturing and social work with the ‘Centre for Family Planning and Sexual Education’. She has travelled Europe, Scandinavia and visited the USA and India. She was an Executive member of NHTS (Natural Health Teaching Services).