What is Postural Integration (PI)?

Postural Integration is “postural” as it is a way of bringing the posture into alignment by releasing deep-seated tension held in the body’s muscles, as well as stimulating muscles with poor tone. It also calls for an “integration” of all the wisdom available from a person’s heart, mind, spirit and body so that emotional turmoil and feelings of dissatisfaction can be transformed into a sense of wellbeing and empowerment.

What techniques does PI use?

The work combines structural bodywork, psychodynamic techniques, breathwork and light energywork. The practitioner uses weight bearing techniques with their arms and hands to support the client to shift the tension they hold in their muscular structure. The extraordinary power of Postural Integration lies in the willingness of client and practitioner to work on many levels simultaneously.

What will happen in a PI session?

After assessing what the client’s individual situation is, the practitioner will guide the client through a 1½ hour process in which the client is encouraged to explore new physical movements, breathe more freely, express blocked emotions and discover unconscious beliefs in a safe environment. This unique and unified style of deep work is unusually powerful in transforming the whole person.

How many sessions will I need?

10 Sessions are recommended to complete the Postural Integration process. You are always in control of booking the sessions according to your schedule and pace.

What training do PI practitioners have?

Certification as a Postural Integrator is awarded by the International Council of Psycho-Corporal (Body-Mind) Integration Trainers (ICPIT) after successful completion of at least 700 hours of theoretical studies, practical work and case studies.