Name: Hannelore Kunze
PI Training: PI Facilitator
Also attended workshop in advanced PI work
Location: Paradise Beach, Jeffreys Bay (70 km west of Port Elizabeth)
Also offers: Specialised Kinesiology, Brain Gym, Neural Organisation Technique Therapy, Therapeutic Reflexology, Attractor Field Technique (AFT), Integrated Healing (UK)
+27 (42) 292 0187

Hannelore hails from Vienna, Austria. After a severe illness in 1991 she became fascinated by complementary healing methods. During the 90’s she was trained by Erich Körbler in ‘New Homeopathy’, then studied Reflexology and Meridian Therapy and various fields of Kinesiology and in 2001 graduated as a Postural Integration Practitioner.  After relocating from Johannesburg in 2004 she now has her practice in Paradise Beach, Jeffreys Bay, keeping up with new developments in her field.