Name: Jacqueline Wijtenburg-Anaxagoras
PI Training: PI Facilitator
Location: Bedfordview
Also offers Trauma Counselling and Self-Inquiry
Contact: +27 (74) 870 9608





Jacqueline specializes in trauma counselling with a body-centered approach.   Recently, she moved back to South Africa from Greece where, through challenges to her ego, she was catapulted into a deep self-inquiry to answer the question: “Who am I?”  She now integrates the process she used and the answers she found into her work as a Trauma Counsellor and Postural Integration Practitioner.  She uses a joyful process of maps, bodywork, questions and soul-recovery work to reclaim all the lost parts of oneself and feel again what it is like to be fully alive and free in the experience of being one’s true Self.

She has been an on-going student, over many years, of the French Personalite et Relations Humaines (PRH) Foundation. She also finds guidance from the writings of A.H. Almaas (of the The Diamond Approach) and Vedanta Aspioti, a senior Diamond Logos Teacher.

In 1996 she gained a diploma in journalism and spent a few years as a journalist, editor and publicist. In 2000 was certified in Massage and Usui Reiki and pre- and post-HIV test counselling.

In 2002 she was certified as a Postural Integration Practitioner in South Africa by the International Centre for Release and Integration in California, USA.

She takes on publicity projects, promoting her clients’ holistic wisdom to the media through their new services and products.