Name: Leonie Maré
PI Training: PI Facilitator
Attended workshop in advanced PI work
Location: Pretoria, Gauteng and Howick, KZN
Also offers Cranio Sacral and Breath-Work Therapy (soft energy adjustments only), Reiki (Usui) and Karuna Ki sessions as well as training, Spiritual Healing; Touch for Health (TFH), Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Thai Massage Training and Workshops
+27 (12) 331 8298
+27 (82) 8235 702
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 Leonie began her career in the health arena studying Diagnostic Radiography at the University of Pretoria and qualifying in 1971.  She practiced as a Radiographer in both Pretoria and Johannesburg training hospitals for the next 11 years. In 1999, she embarked on studying the three-year Postural Integration course and received certification from the International Centre for Release and Integration in the USA.  She enhanced these skills in 2004 by attending a workshop in Advanced Postural Integration. Before her PI studies, she was certified in 1998 in Cranio Sacral and Breath-Work therapy which focuses on soft energy adjustments.  Shortly after that, she certified in advanced Metaphysical healing skills from the Academy for Metaphysical Studies in 1999.  She also became a Reiki (Usui) and Karuna Ki Master in 2000.  Since qualifying as a Postural Integrator, she has also learnt Touch for Health (TFH), studied Thai Massage and Thai Foot Massage with Jean Moore and is a Thai Massage Trainer. She also does Oneness Blessings.  Leonie is highly intuitive and has excellent listening skills. She considers life her teacher and feels blessed with the compassion and understanding that she gained through what she likes to call her own “life lessons”. She deeply honors the wisdom of the body believing that if the correct “switches” (structural and emotional) are found, the body knows what to do.  The body structure is her passion and she sees it telling the individual’s story on all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual and structural.  Pain and the “pain body” (Echard Tolle) mostly start from childhood being stored on cellular level.  She has a deep belief that the missing link in good health and mental stability is deep bodywork.  She feels Thai Massage fits in so well with her beliefs and with Postural Integration.

She thrives on exercise and meditation