Name: Stephne Fain
PI Training: PI Facilitator
Attended workshop in advanced PI work
Location: Tlholego Learning Village Centre and Ecovillage, R52 Koster Road, Rustenburg
Also offers: Integrated Lifestyle Programmes
+27 (72) 118 7357
Facebook: Facebook

Stephne graduated with a degree in Psychology before leaving South Africa to travel overseas and further her studies.  In 1987, she was certified in Los Angeles, USA as a Postural Integration Therapist by the Institute for Body-Mind Integrative Studies.  For seven years she worked in a Santa Monica clinic that focused on Integrative Healing Methodologies, after which she consulted to an advertising company in counselling, ergonomics and yoga therapy. She returned to South Africa in 1994.  Stephne assisted in the training of the first group of PI students in South Africa in 1998 and continues to date to be involved in workshops as often as her schedule allows.  Depending on the individual and circumstance, Stephne may use various modalities to support the client’s process.

Her understanding of the cause and effect of emotions from early stages of development guides her methodology with each person.  Stephne may use dialogue, role play and yoga therapy to facilitate the shifting of old structural and behavioural habits.  From 1994 to date Stephne has been in private practice and works from her Learning Centre 10kms outside Rustenburg, Northwest Province.

Some Testimonials of current clients

From my first session with Stephne I felt a great sense of relief; finally here was a person and a way of working that I had been searching for, for many years.  The crisis that led me to her as a bodyworker, who could help me clear a recent traumatic experience, was also the gift that shook things up and readied me for the next phase of the journey towards myself.  For the last five months Stephne has walked beside me as healer, support, guide and friend.  Together with her deep experience and powerful skills and the exquisite wisdom of my own body and being, we work on releasing energy blockages, stuckness, old patterns and structures, deconstructing the armour of thought and muscle and fascia, revealing the tender new feelings and sensations of awakened awareness.
We talk, she works deep into my body, sometimes the tears flow.
I begin to soften and firm up in the appropriate places.
I watch myself emerge.  I went because of inertia. Body’s holding me back. The Qi knows what it is. How it wants to move.
It whispers, “Leave me trapped in here and I will suffocate. Slowly.”
I’m looser than my body. I want to go through life blazing. But my body won’t. It’s still somewhere else. I dream of doorways.
Twenty years of body work, breathing, diving in and sifting through. But still I’m walking around with a fat cat sitting on my shoulder – comforting in its familiarity but claw heavy.  I go to Stephne.  She has doors in her hands and keys in her words. They break open and through pain I know will take me somewhere and become something else.
Flesh pushes back from 20, 30 years of frozen. My back doesn’t want to give up its secrets until she finds them in my calves.  Ankles awaken to their weakness and become strong. Muscles sing songs only when you press them to. Beauty is a fish that sheds its scales because it wants to feel the ocean. Moving beyond the choreography of control, I start to move toward and not away from myself.

Sessions with Stephne: Honey on a cactus leaf. To get to the sweetness you first have to go through pointy!I was referred to Stephne for Postural Integration therapy by a traditional healer and Sangoma, as I needed body-work to become grounded. I always sensed that I had a lot of unexpressed potential but did not know how to unlock it. Meeting Stephne in her little wooden hut was a magical experience of feeling warm, safe, heard and understood. Even though I had absolutely no idea how this modality of postural integration worked, it was very clear that she is a very talented , mature healer who works with integrity and care. She combines her skills, knowledge, wisdom, sense of humour, compassion, understanding and experience with such sensitivity and confidence that I immediately trusted her. From the first session I started to release very old energy trapped in my cellular memory, bones and waters, sometimes she massaged my pain and sorrow into understanding and insight, sometimes we laughed as the various levels of drama revealed itself through pain and release, bringing relief and shifts.
My body started to change, I started to enjoy being in my body, I enjoy being me and I enjoy my body.
The mystery of the human condition never fails to intrigue me, and never before has a healing modality been so effective in bringing tangible and subtle results. I sleep better, laugh more, eat less, enjoy company and feel much more confident. I am very grateful to Stephne and to this work we are doing together.